Oct. 24th, 2007

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The site that has been keeping me buried alive since mid-July has finally launched!

www.steamboat.com: The Official Site for Steamboat Ski Resort and Steamboat Central Reservations.

As always, if you don't like Flash you can avoid it by disabling Javascript. For the most part you won't even miss it. (God I love making sites like that.)

This would be a site that we quoted at 60 pages and turned into 230+ pages. Can you say "Scope Creep," boys and girls?

Even so, the project was managed beautifully by our team. You can't really see some of the application goodness involved in the site (though if you go to Plan Your Trip > Lodging and then do a search using the Search For Lodging widget you can see some aspects of it) because it's so well-integrated into the content. There are parts of the new CMS and admins that are pure interface development porn.

Best bits are the Mountain Cams (only one of which is online at the moment) and the Photo of the Day. The Mountain Cams are Flash-based, but streaming interactive video is pretty much the perfect use for Flash. 


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