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We've got HTML 5 on the brain these days! Check out Sean Christman's awesome demos of interacting with videos via the HTML 5 VIDEO and CANVAS tags:

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The HTML 5 specification has a lot of new features. I just did a presentation on the data storage and offline application features:

First slide (click to download entire presentation in ZIP format)

I used Eric Meyer's S5 presentation system, to which I spliced in jQuery UI transitions and a mobile stylesheet.
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Many moons ago I got my first home computer: an Apple ][c. Included with my shiny new Apple were a set of disks with demos, guides, and utilities, many of which were written in AppleSoft BASIC. The interactive capabilities of BASIC were pretty rudimentary, and on these disks there were BASIC programs that seemed to be doing more.

So I took a look at the source code for these programs and lo and behold, Apple had built themselves library of custom BASIC commands that were tied to the & character (so instead of using INPUT they would use &INPUT and so on). This custom library was a simple binary file, and if you loaded that file into memory you could use the nifty new commands in your own programs. This added a lot of polish to what were otherwise simple BASIC programs. Other programmers learned about this, and soon many libraries were available with custom BASIC commands.

Fast forward to today. Apple has just released their iPad. The iPad comes with a Safari bookmark for the User Guide, which opens as a web application in Safari. And like the old disks included with the ][c, this guide seems to do some pretty amazing things for something done entirely in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Turns out that once again Apple built themselves a custom JavaScript library for this app, and someone has already found it:


I hope Apple will release this library for public use. It would be awesome. Even if they don't, like the old BASIC library this new library shows what's possible.
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 jQuery UI has a nifty plugin for an accordion widget. It's pretty much plug-and-play, but it's missing an important and much-requested feature: the ability to specify one or more headers in your accordion as being un-accordionable. This is particularly useful when using the accordion for navigation, which is what I'm doing.

You'd think this would be easy to do by either leaving the content div associated with the header empty or by forcibly overriding the events attached to the header itself. But the former causes the widget to hide/show a small blank area, and I couldn't seem to do the latter.

So I just modified the widget to look for a specific CSS class on each header and, if it is there, ignore trigger events. Easy as you please, took 3 lines of code.

I <3 jQuery. I <3 it so much I almost <4 it.


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