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The HTML 5 specification has a lot of new features. I just did a presentation on the data storage and offline application features:

First slide (click to download entire presentation in ZIP format)

I used Eric Meyer's S5 presentation system, to which I spliced in jQuery UI transitions and a mobile stylesheet.
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 jQuery UI has a nifty plugin for an accordion widget. It's pretty much plug-and-play, but it's missing an important and much-requested feature: the ability to specify one or more headers in your accordion as being un-accordionable. This is particularly useful when using the accordion for navigation, which is what I'm doing.

You'd think this would be easy to do by either leaving the content div associated with the header empty or by forcibly overriding the events attached to the header itself. But the former causes the widget to hide/show a small blank area, and I couldn't seem to do the latter.

So I just modified the widget to look for a specific CSS class on each header and, if it is there, ignore trigger events. Easy as you please, took 3 lines of code.

I <3 jQuery. I <3 it so much I almost <4 it.


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