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Today we launched Ideate, our first iPad application. It's a digital sketchbook with templates, custom pens, and sharing capabilities. It's almost enough to make me want an iPad.

Check out the Ideate blog too.
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Happy 5th Birthday, EffectiveUI!
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On top of our success at SXSW, Peyton and Rebecca were interviewed by Vidya Drego for Q&Agency.

My favorite quote is where Peyton says, “We get developers involved out of the gate and they put as much thought into the solution as designers do. We don’t believe that designers own the great ideas and developers just execute them.” That is one of the most important aspects of EffectiveUI for me, and I’m happy that it’s a principle that starts at the top.
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 We've written a book!

Book cover image for our book

This is a technology-agnostic (well, mostly) book about user-centered design processes and how to apply them to software development.

You can pick up a copy from iTunes for $4.99 as well as get it from O'Reilly and Amazon (at the conveniently-made tiny url http://www.tinyurl.com/effectiveui ).

I personally had very little to do with the book, as it was already mostly done by the time I was hired in June. But still, it's a cool thing, and if you're interested in the field this is a good book.
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My company is looking for contractors and contract-to-hire people in the following professions:

HTML/CSS/JavaScript developers (that would be my team)

Interactive/User Experience Design

Project Management

You can learn more about us at our award-winning website: http://www.effectiveui.com/

I have job reqs I can pass along if anyone needs specifics. They should be posted to the Careers section of the website soon.

Please feel free to forward anyone interested to this posting. Interested folks can either apply via our Careers section on our website--there's an Apply button that brings up a nice form you fill out and upload your resume--or you can contact me here. 
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It was just announced that EffectiveUI, my new employer, has made Inc. Magazine's "500 List," a list of the 500 fastest-growing companies in the US. We're at #55 overall:


In other categories, we're #2 in Denver/Aurora, #4 in IT Services, and #5 in the Top 10 Women-Run Companies.

This is awesome news in today's economy, and makes me very happy about my choice to work here. Well, I was already very happy, so now I'm even happier.


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