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I've been pretty quiet about the work I've been doing at Crispy lately. This isn't so much because it was all hush-hush like the Microsoft stuff so much as because it wasn't terribly exciting.

This morning saw the launch of the new universal navigation for vw.com. That's the shell that surrounds all of the content, and consists of the top dropdown navigation, the footer, and the left navigation (when it is present).

I didn't work on those things, obviously, since they are Flash and I don't have that skillset. What I did is the Model Lineup widget. This is pretty much 100% mine. Usually lots of people have their hands in things here at Crispy, but this one is all mine. So if you want to see how I write HTML, CSS, or Javascript, this is your chance. I'm very pleased with how it turned out.

Some of you may notice strong similarities in the interactions and functionality of the Flash-based top part of the universal navigation and those of the Model Lineup. Obviously it wouldn't be hard to do the Universal Navigation in HTML instead of Flash, thus making things even more accessible. However, the Universal Navigation widgets are used on other sites, including several thousand dealer sites throughout the world. Flash is actually a better tool for this, since it is essentially added to a page via an include. If we had done it in HTML, anyone who wanted to use the universal nav would have to do much more than copy-and-paste a few lines of Javascript.

Next week will come the release of the new Features and Specifications pages, which we are QAing right now. I did a lot of work on those too. 
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I'm a PC, and I built this website.

This is what I've been doing for the last four weeks (longer than that, actually...we've been sprinting for four weeks, I was doing the dev for about a month before that). Please note this is an entire DHTML webapp done with semantic markup, standards-compliant Javascript, and progressive enhancement. Also modern browser support (though some bits are still a little off in IE6).

At the moment we're having some glitches with server farm integration, but we'll get them ironed out shortly.

The markup is mostly mine, about three quarters of the CSS is mine, and about half of the scripting is mine. I laid the foundation, and I produced the DHTML prototype/proof-of-concept (which helped convince Microsoft to go forward with the project). 
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As of today, my company, Texturemedia, doesn't exist any more. We have been bought.

Say hi to my new bosses.

I wish I could say I was excited about this, that it was good or welcome news. Honestly, I just don't have enough information yet.

I am so tired of worrying about my job.


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