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Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the project I have been working on for the last few months:

National Cinemedia - Fathom (caution: contains flash and makes noise; content is worksafe but loud)

SEE! CSS-based layout and interaction! (Turn off CSS to witness Bonus Accessible Semantic Markup!)

HEAR! Standards-compliant multimedia, XHTML, and CSS!1 (Turn off Javascript to witness Bonus Alternate Content for the flash nodes!)

TASTE! An experience that is platform and browser independent!

SMELL! A pixel-perfect implementation of a graphically-intense design which includes drop shadows and gradients (and even drop shadows on gradients)!

FEEL! Jon being insufferably pleased with himself!

And the consumer-facing pages are only about a third of the project. The rest of the project consist of a back end administrative interface, which allows the people at Fathom to create/edit events and series of events; to approve event comments; and even to make inline edits to the content on the consumer pages! (Plus about a dozen other functions.)

*sniff* My baby is all growed up.

Of course, it's not all mine. I was the interface developer on the team, which also consisted of our .NET application developer, a designer, one of our Flash developers, an Information Architect, and the Account Manager. So it was definitely a team effort; in fact, I barely touched the administrative interface.

So...Go Team Fathom! For Great Justice!

1Offer not valid for pages that contain unverified content from the database. 


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