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 This is the big one that I've been working on for a few months now.

Rocky Mountain Health Plans, a non-profit health insurance organization, has an extensive site with lots of content. The site was originally done back in 2000, and was coded entirely using layout tables...so the HTML was all tables within tables within tables. It's been a nightmare site for us to maintain.

Recently, they wanted to re-optimize the site for larger screen widths. This would have been a nightmare with the site being coded the way it was, so we convinced them to let us redo the entire site in a CSS based layout. So basically I redid the entire site, by hand.

Witness the new RMHP.org website. Completely semantic markup. CSS-based layout. SEO optimization. The old javascript-based dropdown menu is now a CSS-based dropdown menu. All of the site content is editable in our content management system (so already some pages don't validate because of cutting-and-pasting content from Word *twitch*). The headlines are all rendered using sIFR, so they, too, are CMS editable, which is a neat trick--before, whenever they wanted to change a headline we had to produce a new graphic for them. Now it's all editable.


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